Final switch to eco power

Its safe to assume that most americans won’t switch to eco friendly energy because they think that it won’t make an impact and energy companies think its impossible to make the power grid 100% eco friendly, but Mark Z. Jacobson of Stanford in theory proved that wrong by devising a plan assuming everything uses electricity home heating, cars, etc…  He and Mark Delucchi devised individual plans for each state on how they could switch to clean energy using the technology we have today.  And by switching the job market will be impacted significantly giving thousands of americans jobs to build the material required for the clean power.  Not to mention the it’ll reducing the US healthcare by 600 bil due to pollution going down, and 46000 premature deaths associated with pollution.  But nothing is currently calling for the US to change the way it power is managed, major companies don’t want to spend huge amounts of money just to help the environment because the impact won’t be seen in their lifetime.  There will come a point in time when the is dire need of change and only then will they change, when it’s too late to stop the damage already being caused.

Final switch to eco power

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